I Dream of?

On this building, people have written their dreams. (415 total)
Follow this link to see all pictures of this unique building,
and what people have "written on the walls" What do YOU dream of..??

(below is a video I made from these pictures )
 Many thanks to the folks at Missouri Bank for their excellent idea!

The Following pictures are from people around the world who sent me their "I Dream Of...." to write on the wall for them.....

Jonathan said...
Salut thejedshed! :) I't me, Jonathan from CANADA!
On your wall, write JO WANT A WORLD IN PEACE!! My friend Mika live in CHYPRE and when she tell me how is it in is country, I think it's very sad! We are lucky here, we are free, but it's not the same things for all peoples! :( NO WAR, just LOVE! :)) And a lots of SPORTS!! Ha HA :0))) JO want No war, just a lots of sports"! :0))))
Isa said...

This is a nice idea! Thank you... my message:
My name is Isa and I'm from Nicaragua... : ) Thank you!!
Coral said...

Teach our children to value the meaning of PEACE.
Do not take your health for granted - it may
slip away when you are not looking.
from the U.K.
Cláudia said...

I wish i was a bird..
Kisses from Portugal!
Ancient Clown said...

I dream that we may ALL learn to not just hear but listen To not just look but see the outstretched hand of GOD's LOVE.. and return to it through the path left by Christ.. a humble child.
from USA
Salim said...

We too wendell, thank you: Yes we need to have better understanding and more close and leave the media behaind, with no one between us, means direct contact. Thank you again and awaiting for your idea.
From Oman
Gyula said...

Hi Wendell! Greets from Hungary! Shall you write this modified John Lennon's poem to your dream wall: 'I would like to imagine all the people, living life in peace all over the world!
Gyula from Hungary
Genia said...

Hi, Wendell. Your projects are always awesome! My dream: For everyone to enjoy the peace of mind, soul and heart that only comes from Christ. Problems won't be solved without it.
from USA
altair said...

"I wish that all humankind will live in peace,
justice and equity"

from Morocco
ammoontie said...

Hi... this is really a unique blog...and I love it. I'll definitely come back and check on all the dreams. However this my dream if you could help me write it on your wall."I wish to have my 7 dreams to come true"
from Malaysia
Mika said...

hi, i'm mika, jo's friend. I really like his comment.. and I would like to thank him for thinking of the prob we have here in Cyprus. I want to leave a message too: "I dream of a cyprus where all the people greek cypriots and turkish cypriots live in peace.."
from Cyprus

from Nepal

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  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    If you would like for me to add your message on this wall, leave your comments here. I will then print your message on the wall and take a picture of it and post it on my Kansas City Paint website. Be sure to add your name, country, website, etc...


  2. Anonymous2:01 PM

    "that men everywhere would stand up and be the Christian spiritual leaders of church and family that they were created to be."

  3. Wow wendell..

    This is amazing ! Is it too late for me to post a message ? :)

  4. Anonymous10:17 PM

    I wish I didn't know now...
    what I didn't know then.

  5. i have alreadyw written wat i dream of could u pls add to that..darjeeling..my teapot

  6. ok here i come again..i dream of .."darjeeling..my nest,my teapot.(kams,maccha,barney,jampe).one day i will come back to you and make u proud.."
    thank u..i hope it make sense..good day bye

  7. Anonymous9:20 AM

    "that we'd celebrate our differences and embrace the things that make us one with our Lord and Creator."

  8. Anonymous9:33 AM

    We're getting married on May 25th, 2008. We dream of a happily ever after together!
    Natalie and Bryan

  9. Hi!
    My name is Jaime, I work at Missouri Bank. We often talk about our "Dream Wall" project and how you helped people from around the world participate. We were glad to find your website, since your Dream Wall video is longer on youtube. I wondered if you might be willing to email us a copy, or allow us to share your video on our youtube page--with your permission and credit going to you, of course. If that might be a possibility, you can reach me at jaimer@mobank.com. Here is our youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/MissouriBank. Thanks!