storm water

83 pictures total...
please view all pictures as they vary as water continued......

Date: 6-19-18
Location of city property:
East side 8401 Central and East side 8314 Douglas KCMO 64114.

please note:
storm water issue is not direction of water moving from South to North
(84th terr and Central towards Douglas) but from West to East at same location.

30 years ago this area (ditch/ravine) was 4.5' deep by 6' in width, running the span from above location.
We filled with pipe and dirt, gravel, stone and planting material to prevent erosion.
Today there still remains no curb and we manage this particular portion of  KC property to which I can add we never have seen even 1 service crew for maintenance of this area in 50+yrs.

please consider these facts:
Please take note that this rain was just a small storm that lasted about 5minutes.
Had this been a sustained storm, we would have flooded properties, something which we have never experienced since construction of properties since 1946. The previous rain before 6-19-18 (appx. 1week prior) the property of 8314 Douglas  was flooded ankle deep up to within 4' of its foundation and running downhill onto Douglas going in a Northeast direction.

The property at 8401 Central is protected with a water garden built of 4"x4"x8' posts at appx. 16' length and appx. 2' height.

If you need to contact me:
or speak with Katy (project supervisor) or Jeff (on site engineer) or Mason (blue nile crew chief) who are familiar with this issue...

Thank you....

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